How To Get A Clean Bill Of Health In Healthcare Debt Buying and Collection - Recorded Webibar

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Name: How To Get A Clean Bill Of Health In Healthcare Debt Buying and Collection - Recorded Webibar
Date: April 30, 2019 - April 30, 2021
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Rising healthcare insurance costs, deductibles, and copays are causing patients to bear the brunt of paying for their care. Often, these costs are significant and difficult to afford. Healthcare providers continue to carry more and more debt on their books, causing them to look to potentially place patient accounts with outside collectors and/or sell that debt. This means that healthcare debt buying and collection presents potentially lucrative opportunities for debt buyers and collectors alike. But the sale and collection of such debt varies in a number of significant ways from debt arising from more traditional credit products. Sellers often are resistant to selling or placing debt due to reputational concerns and the added overlay of HIPAA, the insurance coverage process, 501(r) requirements, and complex state regulations add a level of complexity that is unique to this debt vertical.
Join us as we discuss how to distinguish yourself as a leader in healthcare debt buying and collection. This webinar will give you an opportunity to hear directly from the people who negotiate these deals and evaluate potential partners regarding what they are looking for when placing or selling such debt.

Our discussion will focus on:
  • What are effective strategies for setting yourself apart and closing the deal?
  • How do healthcare providers want you to approach collecting their debts and does that align with your preferred strategy?
  • What operational and compliance controls healthcare companies are looking to see when selling or placing their debt?
  • What are some of the potential pitfalls in the current regulatory environment?
  • What information do you need and how likely are you to get it as part of a sale or placement?
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